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Naila Rahman

Welcome back Naila!

Naila first joined Quay Asia as our start-up manager for Bangladesh. She got our logistics and book-keeping into shape. And searched for office space.

Now Naila is back to head up our finances and administration. So we’re in safe hands!

Avik Bikram Tripura

Avik was a key member of our start-up team. He came on board in March to develop the branding and marketing for our first micro-business, Aroyee.

Aroyee is a fine dining experience served in the comfort your own home. It’s an exciting fusion of Thai cuisine, exotic ingredients from Chittagong Hill Tracts with a fancy Western service.

Aroyee is a social business that trains people from disadvantaged backgrounds to become professional chefs. The business sources ingredients from Chittagong Hill Tracts and works with poor farmers to develop their commercial acumen.

Avik masterminded some of our promotional events including our tie up with Euro Kitchens. Euro Kitchens markets and sells luxury brands in Bangladesh.

Avik finished up this month. He left us with a set of brand guidelines and then rushed off to start his career in film-making.

Good luck Avik and thanks for all your hard work!

Aidan Zizys

Aidan joined Quay Asia for a short-term assignment as part of our start-up team. He spent three months in Nairobi before arriving in Dhaka. Aidan heads back to his home in Toronto this month.

Aidan made an incredible contribution to our analysis of the labour market in Bangladesh. He designed Quay Asia’s monthly post series, “Issues in the Labour Market,” and went on to write the first three of twelve articles, which focused on the transitions between school and work.

“The Nation’s Children” was the second in our Fifty Series. Aidan talked to Mazharul Haque Mintu one of Bangladesh’s freedom fighters from the 1971 Liberation War. Recording Mintu’s memories of Bangabandu’s return to the newly liberated Bangladesh in 1972, Aidan made a video of Mintu’s vivid recollections.

Aidan diligently captured articles in the Bangladesh press about the labour market, workforce development and skills training every week in Quay Asia’s What the Papers Say series.

We’ll miss Aidan and wish him the best of luck in the next phase of his career.