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Quay Asia’s Work Stream posts tell you about our ongoing assignments and projects. Work Stream covers all of our different approaches such as our short-term consulting assignments – analysis, design and evaluation. There are brief highlights of start-up businesses charting the ups and downs of our social entrepreneurialism. We offer insights into the implementation of our longer-term projects that focus on developing skills for employment and promoting prosperous livelihoods in particular.

A Test of Salt

In the photograph above a chemist and production manager work together to ensure adequate levels of iodine in the salt produced in their salt mill.

Documenting Salt Iodization in Bangladesh

Quay Asia is documenting the history of salt iodization in Bangladesh for Nutrition International.

The Government’s Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders project aims to achieve Universal Salt Iodization in Bangladesh by 2023.

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Salt for Life

Iodising Salt: A Success Story

Quay Asia will begin documenting the successful initiative to introduce iodine through salt into people’s diet.

A diet with insufficient iodine can lead to a number of health disorders.

The story of salt iodisation involves a number of main characters: Processing plants, manufacturers, suppliers, communications experts, educators, nutritionists and Government departments.

Quay Asia’s team to record this outstanding achievement includes scientific writers, nutrition experts and a photographic journalist.

A leading development organisation in the field of micronutrients has commissioned the documentation of salt iodisation.


Fortified Workers

Options for Fortified Foods at Work

A Canadian non-government organisation has enlisted Quay Asia to study options for a potential fortified food program.

The study will consider how garments and textile industry owners can provide  fortified rice and other foods to their workers.

Women workers of reproductive age will primarily benefit from this initiative.

Quay Asia is providing an highly experienced program design expert, an industries advisor and a nutritional scientist.

The team will present program options early in 2018 following a three-month study of food supply chains and major employers in the garments and textiles sectors.

Migration Report

Managing Data on Expatriate Workers

The Bangladesh Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment will publish an Annual Migration Report.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is assisting the Ministry to design and publish this yearly account of labour migration statistics and issues.

Quay Asia is working for the IOM and providing a team of experts including a senior migration expert, a capacity building specialist, a gender and social inclusion expert, and a labour economist.

Help for the Aged

Social Protection for the Poor

Manusher Jonno Foundation tells Bangladeshi citizens about their rights to the social protection schemes provided by the Government of Bangladesh.

Quay Asia assigned two highly experienced consultants to evaluate this important project.

The Civil Society project is part of a wider Programme of technical assistance to the Government of Bangladesh.

UK Aid and Australian Aid support the Government of Bangladesh to improve the way it gives allowances for the poor.

But many poor people are not aware of their entitlements. And so Mansuher Jonno works with local organisations to help poor get the help they deserve.

Photo of Shameen used with her kind permission

Concern for Business

Quay Asia developed a concept note for Concern Worldwide.

The note, “Concern and the Business Sector,” proposed specific strategies for leveraging Concern’s expertise to attract private sector investment to combat poverty.

Quay Asia provided a team of four experts in programme design, social development, commercial strategy, and communications.

Private Funding for WASH

Quay Asia completed the design of a private sector fundraising strategy for Bangladesh WASH Alliance.

Quay Asia met with managers in a range of banks and multi-national corporations in Bangladesh. This led to an analysis of current practices in corporate social responsibility and sustainable business development.

Our insight informed a strategy around private sector fund-raising for the Alliance.