The Nation’s Children

The return of Bangabondu and the promise of a better tomorrow

The war had ended in December of 1971, and it had changed everything.

Nineteen Seventy Two

Nothing would be right until the leader of the Liberation War returned, and now people awaited anxiously. It wouldn’t be until a clear day in January of 1972 when their hopes were vindicated. Bangabondu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had returned, and when he stepped off the plane and was greeted by the crowds below, the rest of the world seemed to disappear around them.

We talked to Mazharul Haque Mintu, a Freedom Fighter from Gazipur, Dhaka. We asked him about that day, and what it meant for the future of Bangladesh that Bangabondu had returned. Here’s what he had to say.

2 replies on “The Nation’s Children”

This is an excellent work. We all should know about our own history, about our country, about our past. This video gives us the true feeling of those days ……… thank you to the team of QuayAsia and everyone who worked for this outstanding work.

Thanks Naila,
It was really exciting to be able to capture Mintu’s memory of 1972. He gave us such a great feeling of that year, so hopefully we can continue to tell the story of Bangladesh with the same passion.

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