Mirza Tahmina

Tahmina joined Quay Asia in Dhaka as part of our start-up team.

She has academic background in economics and professional experience in sales and marketing.

And with that combination of skills Tahmina was just the right person to pioneer some of Quay Asia’s work in Bangladesh.

She took over from Aidan Zizys in writing our weekly “What the Paper Say” series. And she worked with Aidan to design Quay Asia’s twelve-article series, “Issues in the Labour Market.”

Aidan completed the first three of the twelve articles, which focused on the transitions between school and work. By that time Tahmina had began the next arc of three articles on the “informal sector.”

With those versatile skills, Tahmina put work into our branding, marketing and pricing strategy for “Aroyee.”

She trained and mentored our Aroyee chefs. And gave them the communications and customer service competences to complement their cooking skills. We know those soft skills are essential to entering and progressing in a professional career.

Tahmina returned to her home in Kuala Lumpur at the end of last month. And we’d like to thank her for her amazing work in Dhaka.