Work Stream

Concern for Business

Quay Asia developed a concept note for Concern Worldwide.

The note, “Concern and the Business Sector,” proposed specific strategies for leveraging Concern’s expertise to attract private sector investment to combat poverty.

Quay Asia provided a team of four experts in programme design, social development, commercial strategy, and communications.

A Growing Team

Films for Social Change

Quay Asia Ltd with Tawfiq Rahman and Bashar Georgis launches IQA.

IQA is a platform is a platform for creative cooperation. It brings together award wining film producers and  international social development expertise.

We tell stories of courage, struggle, and achievement through the medium of film.

IQA offers a multi-disciplinary team covering project management, film-making and social research.

Who’s behind IQA

Bashar Georgis has achieved critical acclaim for his work in Ujan Gangger Naiya, a BBC Media Action Drama funded by the UK Government.

He has over 20 years experience in the industry as producer, director, writer, editor and post-production specialist.

In a career spanning over 20 years he has worked on numerous TVCs and Public Service Announcements, drama and documentaries.

His repertoire includes a range of social themes: good governance, health, climate change and disaster preparedness, human rights, and education.

Tawfiq Rahman has been at the forefront of television broadcasting since 2000.

Remarkably he has set up two private television channels: Ekushey in 2000 and Ekattor TV in 2011. At Ekattor he is currently Director of Broadcast Operations and Engineering.

Tawfiq is one of the leading figures in the field of broadcast engineering in Bangladesh. In 2010 BBC World Service Trust awarded Tawfiq Best Broadcast Engineer in Bangladesh.

Quay Asia brings over forty years of international development experience to the project.  The company’s key personnel have managed projects with Governments, bilateral and multilateral donors, civil society and the private sector.

IQmakes films for government, civil society and businesses. We tell stories of success. And support initiatives to promote education, health and prosperity for all.