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Women’s Path Forward

Agamir Pothey: Promoting Our Women

Olympic Industries launches “Agamir Pothey”

“Agamir Pothey” or The Path Forward is a development programme for entry level women employees.

As part of its sustainability programme, Olympic Industries created this powerful initiative. The company is exploring ways of promoting women into higher positions in the company.

And Quay Asia is helping Olympic to equip these women with the skills they need to get ahead.

Quay Asia works with the private sector to develop its workforce through training and human resource development.

But Olympic’s Agamir Pothey is more than technical training. It’s about addressing the real barriers women face in advancing their careers.

Shaila Rahman is leading this challenging assignment for Quay Asia. She has a team of three women behind her that will provide intensive support to the Agamir Pothey women.

Shaila is working closely with Olympic’s Head of Sustainability, Marion Champoux-Pellegrin.

Olympic Industries Ltd is the largest manufacturer of biscuits in Bangladesh.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of Agamir Pothey.



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