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Communications Training

Better Communications for Olympic Executives

Olympic Industries takes education and employee development to heart. Olympic believes that employee training is beneficial for both the company and the employees themselves.

Quay Asia starts a training program for Olympic executives this month. The learning course develops communications skills.

Through the program Olympic’s executives improve their communication skills and learn to speak clearly and persuasively.

The program also develops business writing skills.

Quay Asia uses its training technologies so that executives quickly develop new skills that can be used immediately in their work.

Olympic Industries Ltd is the largest manufacturer of biscuits in Bangladesh. And this training initiative is part of Olympic’s¬†sustainability programme.

Quay Asia works with the private sector to develop its workforce through training and human resource development.

Phillip Choudhury is developing an exciting curriculum for Olympic’s executives using Quay Asia’s innovative training techniques .

Phillip is working closely with Olympic’s Head of Sustainability, Marion Champoux-Pellegrin.