We help people find jobs and build rewarding careers

What we do

Our focus is the economic empowerment of poorer people in Asia’s developing economies.

Quay Asia works with the private sector to develop its workforce through vocational education and training.

We create employment for women and offer them the opportunity of meaningful and rewarding careers.

Informed by a fundamental analysis of the labour market our activities are economically sound, financially sustainable and make use of our own innovative training approaches.

Why we do it

In many of Asia’s developing economies there are a growing number of young people looking for jobs. This is a great opportunity for any country. But population studies suggest that there is a limited opportunity to develop a large and productive workforce

With families having fewer children eventually an increasing population of older retired people will depend on a decreasing number of workers.

So we have a fairly small window to take advantage of this demographic dividend by preparing young people to enter the labour market and become as productive as possible.

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