Victory Day!

Best wishes to everyone around the world on the occasion of Bangladesh Victory Day.

Work Stream

Migration Report

Managing Data on Expatriate Workers

The Bangladesh Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment will publish an Annual Migration Report.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is assisting the Ministry to design and publish this yearly account of labour migration statistics and issues.

Quay Asia is working for the IOM and providing a team of experts including a senior migration expert, a capacity building specialist, a gender and social inclusion expert, and a labour economist.

Work Stream

Women’s Path Forward

Agamir Pothey: Promoting Our Women

Olympic Industries launches “Agamir Pothey”

“Agamir Pothey” or The Path Forward is a development programme for entry level women employees.

Work Stream

Help for the Aged

Social Protection for the Poor

Manusher Jonno Foundation tells Bangladeshi citizens about their rights to the social protection schemes provided by the Government of Bangladesh.

Quay Asia assigned two highly experienced consultants to evaluate this important project.

The Civil Society project is part of a wider Programme of technical assistance to the Government of Bangladesh.

UK Aid and Australian Aid support the Government of Bangladesh to improve the way it gives allowances for the poor.

But many poor people are not aware of their entitlements. And so Mansuher Jonno works with local organisations to help poor get the help they deserve.

Photo of Shameen used with her kind permission

A Growing Team

Films for Social Change

Quay Asia Ltd with Tawfiq Rahman and Bashar Georgis launches IQA.

IQA is a platform is a platform for creative cooperation. It brings together award wining film producers and  international social development expertise.

We tell stories of courage, struggle, and achievement through the medium of film.

IQA offers a multi-disciplinary team covering project management, film-making and social research.

Who’s behind IQA

Bashar Georgis has achieved critical acclaim for his work in Ujan Gangger Naiya, a BBC Media Action Drama funded by the UK Government.

He has over 20 years experience in the industry as producer, director, writer, editor and post-production specialist.

In a career spanning over 20 years he has worked on numerous TVCs and Public Service Announcements, drama and documentaries.

His repertoire includes a range of social themes: good governance, health, climate change and disaster preparedness, human rights, and education.

Tawfiq Rahman has been at the forefront of television broadcasting since 2000.

Remarkably he has set up two private television channels: Ekushey in 2000 and Ekattor TV in 2011. At Ekattor he is currently Director of Broadcast Operations and Engineering.

Tawfiq is one of the leading figures in the field of broadcast engineering in Bangladesh. In 2010 BBC World Service Trust awarded Tawfiq Best Broadcast Engineer in Bangladesh.

Quay Asia brings over forty years of international development experience to the project.  The company’s key personnel have managed projects with Governments, bilateral and multilateral donors, civil society and the private sector.

IQmakes films for government, civil society and businesses. We tell stories of success. And support initiatives to promote education, health and prosperity for all.

Work Stream

Markets for Women

Quay Asia is currently completing a context analysis for a €2 million markets for women programme.

The programme is funded by the Dutch government and implemented in Bangladesh by ActionAid Bangladesh.

Quay Asia provided a team of three experts in gender and markets, private sector development, and sexual and reproductive health rights.

Work Stream

Private Funding for WASH

Quay Asia completed the design of a private sector fundraising strategy for Bangladesh WASH Alliance.

Quay Asia met with managers in a range of banks and multi-national corporations in Bangladesh. This led to an analysis of current practices in corporate social responsibility and sustainable business development.

Our insight informed a strategy around private sector fund-raising for the Alliance.

What the papers say

Migrant Workers Matter

A weekly round up of articles about employment, the labor market, skills training and workforce development. This week’s round up is drawn from The Daily Star. Here is the news for the week ending 8th December 2016.

This week in the Bangladesh English Press…

…The International Labour Organization reflects on the region’s progress towards decent work. While studies shows migrant workers suffering in the Gulf, and child labour still common in Dhaka. At the elite end of the employment spectrum Bangladeshi financial professionals and the country’s peacekeepers are in demand. Good news across the rural economy from bee hives to orange groves.


Life Skills Learned

How to survive and get ahead in today’s workplace

We don’t teach or simply train our people. More than anything we instil confidence in them.

We inspire them to pursue a dream. And we put them in tough situations. So they learn how to keep their cool and get the job done.

They cooperate with their colleagues and communicate effectively with our clients.

What the papers say

Dhaka Weavers First

A weekly round up of articles about employment, the labor market, skills training and workforce development. This week’s round up is drawn from The Daily Star. Here is the news for the week ending 24th November 2016.

This week in the Bangladesh English Press…

…Businesswomen struggle to get bank loans while Jamdani weavers gain recognition of their craft. Saudia Arabai welcomes Bangladeshi doctors but turn male labourers away. And Bangladesh looks to greater self-sufficiency in pursuit of its development goals.