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A Test of Salt

In the photograph above a chemist and production manager work together to ensure adequate levels of iodine in the salt produced in their salt mill.

Documenting Salt Iodization in Bangladesh

Quay Asia is documenting the history of salt iodization in Bangladesh for Nutrition International.

The Government’s Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders project aims to achieve Universal Salt Iodization in Bangladesh by 2023.

A Growing Team

Mandy Moves On!

Mandy joined Quay Asia back in October 2017 as a new comer to the world of consulting and project management.

Mandy quickly learned how we do business at Quay Asia. She contributed to our weekly round up of the Bangladesh print press. And helped me write the second trilogy in our on-going series of articles on the labour market.

Read issues in the labour market here.

Mandy learned how to deliver training programs as part of a Quay Asia team providing executive education to the managers of Olympic Industries. (One of these training session is picture above).

We wish Mandy all the best for her career.


What the papers say …taking a break

Mandy is on leave this week. The next What the Papers Say post will be on 8 February 2018.

Work Stream

Communications Training

Better Communications for Olympic Executives

Olympic Industries takes education and employee development to heart. Olympic believes that employee training is beneficial for both the company and the employees themselves.

Quay Asia starts a training program for Olympic executives this month. The learning course develops communications skills.

Issues in the Labour Market

The Informal Sector: Considering Productivity

Accounting for Low Productivity in the Informal Sector

At six o’clock in the morning Mariam, now 18 years old, wakes up and gets ready for the day. She works at a garments factory just outside Dhaka city. As she brushes her hair, she remembers her work as a maid. She was just a child. She cooked, cleaned and took care of the kids when their parents weren’t around. Maryam has bad memories of those times. She always felt the family were unhappy with her work. But she didn’t know why. Sometimes they were happy and would give her gifts of clothes and sometimes money.  When she they were unhappy…well, those really were painful memories.

That’s all behind her now. But work in the factory isn’t easy, either.

Work Stream

Salt for Life

Iodising Salt: A Success Story

Quay Asia will begin documenting the successful initiative to introduce iodine through salt into people’s diet.

A diet with insufficient iodine can lead to a number of health disorders.

The story of salt iodisation involves a number of main characters: Processing plants, manufacturers, suppliers, communications experts, educators, nutritionists and Government departments.

Quay Asia’s team to record this outstanding achievement includes scientific writers, nutrition experts and a photographic journalist.

A leading development organisation in the field of micronutrients has commissioned the documentation of salt iodisation.


Work Stream

Fortified Workers

Options for Fortified Foods at Work

A Canadian non-government organisation has enlisted Quay Asia to study options for a potential fortified food program.

The study will consider how garments and textile industry owners can provide  fortified rice and other foods to their workers.

Women workers of reproductive age will primarily benefit from this initiative.

Quay Asia is providing an highly experienced program design expert, an industries advisor and a nutritional scientist.

The team will present program options early in 2018 following a three-month study of food supply chains and major employers in the garments and textiles sectors.

Issues in the Labour Market

The Informal Sector: Early Work Experiences

The Impact of Early Experiences of Work

“Mariam, get up!” comes a scream from the other side of the room. Mariam’s eyes open and she is forced back to reality. The sweet smell of her mother’s roti and vegetable evaporates leaving the odour of old curtains unwashed for years.

Work Stream

Concern for Business

Quay Asia developed a concept note for Concern Worldwide.

The note, “Concern and the Business Sector,” proposed specific strategies for leveraging Concern’s expertise to attract private sector investment to combat poverty.

Quay Asia provided a team of four experts in programme design, social development, commercial strategy, and communications.


No Roundup this Week

Sorry, there’s no roundup of the news this week.

But have a read of our other posts this week.

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The next roundup of news about employment and workforce development will be on 8th December.