The private sector can be the key to creating desirable long-term jobs

Who we work for

We use a range of business models for different clients to build a productive workforce.

Training: We design and sell training courses to individuals looking to equip themselves for their first job or for a potential career move. We also develop in-house training programmes for local businesses.

All our training programmes are backed by labour market research and designed to be cost-effective, yielding the most benefit to the client at the right cost.

Investing: We invest in new enterprises in agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors that offer significant employment opportunities for poorer women and men. When necessary we will join with businesses to enhance ongoing ventures or work together on new initiatives in line with our goals and business values.

Analysing: Our products and business decisions are driven by financial and economic analysis. But we are also sensitive to the politics that shape a country’s investments in its labour force. Importantly we understand the management required to run large, regional or national projects.

We use these economic, political and management competences to serve governments and international donors in the design, implementation and evaluation of workforce development and skills programmes.

Highly qualified international and local professionals carry out all our activities. We invest in the development of our national staff so that they can take on more demanding tasks and develop their careers.

If you would like more details of our services, please contact us.