Shaila Rahman

Shaila has devoted her career to international development. From modest community based initiatives to the largest of public investment programmes, she has turned people’s attention to the economic empowerment of women and the disadvantaged. She sees the public and private sectors working together to understand the opportunities for poorer people in developing economies.

One of her notable achievements was transforming the design of a US$250 million dollar rural infrastructure programme by creating job opportunities for around half a million destitute women construction workers. Along with similar minded colleagues, she convinced the Asian Development Bank and the Government of Bangladesh to pay these women at equal rates to men.

“All our efforts will offer economic opportunities while protecting people’s rights: offering a fair deal and freeing them from exploitation or inequity. As a Bangladeshi, I am particularly pleased that we have started our operations in Bangladesh offering me an immediate opportunity to play a role at this crucial time in the country’s development.”

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