Phillip Choudhury

Phillip’s work has taken him from the tiger economies of East Asia in the late 1980s and early 1990s to the recent conflicts of Central Asia and the Middle East. During this time he has developed a range of skills from the fundamentals of training to the management of complex multi-million dollar programmes in human and institutional capacity development. He has crossed cultures and professional disciplines in pursuit of some of the most challenging development goals.

As either an advisor and manager of large publicly funded training and capacity building programmes he has seen both small and large organisations struggle to recruit and develop people capable of performing the jobs necessary to make businesses and government departments run effectively. At the same time he has witnessed some of the pitfalls of skill development programmes. Goals can be compromised, particularly when the private sector is not sufficiently engaged in the design and implementation of the programme or when the complexities of the labour market are not fully understood. Regulation and rights, government policies, and international development assistance are key to the creation of desirable work for the poor.

“By launching Quay Asia I want to offer an approach to workforce development grounded in the sustainable provision of quality skills training at an affordable price that adequately meets the requirements of local businesses and addresses the complexities of developing economies.”

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