Software Development and ICT Enabled Services


QUAY ASIA LTD core business is focused on driving positive social change and fostering inclusive communities through innovative technology solutions. We are dedicated to empowering organisations, governments, and individuals to address pressing social challenges and create sustainable impact. With a talented team of developers, a passion for social development, and a commitment to ethical practices, we are poised to be the catalyst for transformative change.
Our extensive expertise encompasses all aspects of project implementation, including the definition of business requirements, the creation of functional, technical specifications for client approval, system design, and quality assurance, testing to tailor software to meet the demands of each client upon user acceptance test to delivery. Typically, we are on-site at the client’s location providing functional and technical training and support, as well as resolving issues that arise when the client begins live software utilization.
DevSecOps is implemented throughout our software development lifecycle, including Development (Dev), Security (Sec), and Operations (Ops) practices with Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment/Delivery (CD). It is an evolution of the DevOps philosophy, which emphasizes collaboration and communication between development and operations teams for more efficient and reliable software delivery. DevSecOps improves this collaboration by incorporating security into the software development process.
QUAY ASIA LTD, has been working tirelessly to provide effective solutions to government agencies and international development partners with the overarching objective of reducing operational costs, achieving faster and more effective results, and propelling these entities towards the realization of the Digital Bangladesh initiative. Our unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence compels us to offer cutting-edge technology and custom-tailored services that enable our clients to optimize their processes, improve their decision-making, and promote sustained progress. We hope to be instrumental in Bangladesh’s digital transformation voyage and contribute to the nation’s socioeconomic development by leveraging our expertise.
Our company’s success depends on the extent to which our clients can directly grasp and implement the complete potential of our solutions to increase their efficiency, productivity, and profitability. We firmly believe that our true value resides in the transformative effect our services have on the operations of our clients. We enable them to unlock new levels of performance and achieve sustainable growth by providing them with cutting-edge technology and customized solutions. Our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation in all facets of our business is motivated by our never-ending commitment to delivering tangible and quantifiable benefits to our clients.. 

Quay Asia has offices in London, United Kingdom and Dhaka, Bangladesh. Service and commercial activities are conducted from two offices. The organization has worked on labor laws, workers’ benefits, and social protection schemes.  

Quay Asia has been involved in implementation of projects that promotes Government’s digitization agenda. The following projects indicate Quay Asia’s experience and expertise: 

  1. Support to National Social Security Strategy Reform (NSSSR) Programme: the programme is supporting Ministry of Women and Children Affair’s; and Ministry of Labour and Employment to implement Government of Bangladesh NSSSR. The programme is financed by the European Union Delegation to Bangladesh, and the Cabinet Division is responsible for overall supervision of the programme.  Quay Asia is one of the five consortium members implementing the programme since February 2019.  Among other policy level technical advisory services, one of the components of the programme is to assist Department of Labour (under Ministry of Labour and Employment) create a digital Management Information Systems to enlist unemployed workers in the key export-oriented industries of Bangladesh.  
  1. Platforms for Dialogue: the programme is implemented by British Council and financed by the European Union Delegation to Bangladesh. The programme, among other key objectives is supporting the Cabinet Division, Government of Bangladesh to establish a Grievance Redress System (GRS) for citizens to give their feedback and raise their concerns about public services. Quay Asia holds a sub-contract with the British Council to provide technical and software development advisory services for regular maintenance and upgradation of the GRS.  
  1. Review of Central Fund Business Process and Fund Management Systems: Quay Asia under a short-term assignment financed by GIZ carried out a comprehensive business process analysis of the fund management mechanism of Central Fund under the auspicious of Ministry of Labour and Employment. The Central Fund is responsible for administering accidental death (at workplace) and disability payments for the workers in the export oriented ready-made garments sector. Quay Asia analysis focused on modernisation of the fund management system including laying out the draft digital business process upgradation. The business process analysis made several recommendations for automation using ICT, including creating or integrating worker databases, NID verification systems, automated online meeting and decision making, and replication of G2P payment systems already found in other social protection programs.  
  1. Development of Aroyee Website: Quay Asia developed a sophisticated website for the social enterprise Aroyee. Aroyee is a social enterprise recruiting and training young people from the Chittagong Hill Tracts to be chefs and servers. Aroyee champions produce from the Chittagong Hill Tracts and works with small farmers to source ingredients. The requirements for the Website included an API with an international online booking platform and e-commerce functions.  

Quay Asia has several expert level ICT consultants based on call that work as consultants in various technical assistance projects for the government. 

Software Development:  

We provide quality software solutions to the public and private sector. These solutions are designed to improve service or business performance and processes such as client service, data processing, procurement, improved content management, logistic planning, and forecasting. Major types of software include: 

  • Government service related and specific requirement-based software. 
  • Office automation software 
  • Training automation software 
  • Accounting software 
  • Payroll 
  • Inventory 

Web Development:  

Quay Asia provides unique web development and web programming solutions. Those solutions increase the efficiency and competitive advantage of public and private sector organizations by enabling current technologies for businesses activities.  

Our expertise guarantees timely delivery to the agreed specifications of any software project. These projects can range from small web site design to complex e-commerce applications or advanced custom web programming. 

Network and System Support:  

Quay Asia has tremendous expertise in networking infrastructure building. From premise cabling systems to data centers, our extensive engineering and technical background allow us to provide an unsurpassed level of design, installation, and support services. 

Corporate ICT Training 

We Provide customized training to the government employees and corporate executives. Our quality engineers design course modules with adequate practical exposure to fully understand the application of new technologies.  

Security and Storage Solutions: 

Quay Asia provides network and PC security solutions, including anti-virus solutions. We also provide backup and storage solutions including disaster recovery. 

Human Resources 

Quay Asia personnel include IT Experts, Senior ICT Consultants, Senior System Analyst, System Analysts, Analyst Programmers, Programmers, Network Engineers, and Hardware Support Engineers, with professional certifications such as MCSD, MCSE, MCSA, MCDBA, MCP, CCNA, A+, and OCP. We also have International and National Consultants, Business Analysts, Accounts and Audit Specialists, Financial Analysts, Marketing Researchers, Management Professionals such as Chartered Accountants and MBAs.  

Our Skills 

Languages & Tools:   

  • C#  
  • JAVA  
  • PHP 
  • Python 

OS Platform:   

  • Windows  
  • Linux  

Reports Tools   

  • Crystal Reports  
  • Active Reports  
  • Oracle Reports   

Web Technology:   

  • ASP.NET  
  • PHP  
  • ASP  
  • JavaScript  
  • XML  


  • SQL Server  
  • Oracle  
  • MySQL /MongoDB 
  • Postgres 


Quality is built into the project management plan of all projects at Quay Asia. A project management plan is discussed and finalized at the start of the project. A detailed project management plan outlines the deliverables and tests at all stages and has adequate scope for modification as the project progresses.  


Information on project status is transparent and is shared with clients during regular interactions and during periodic progress reviews. This provides the IT department and the administrative offices of the client a good overview of the project and anticipates problems. Relevant project information is available online in a concise summary.  

Cost savings 

Quay Asia has developed several approaches optimizing ICT solutions and reducing costs saving. 


Quay Asia is devoted to a personalized customer approach and acknowledges that each customer has a different ICT infrastructure, procedures, and organization. Quay Asia therefore adapts project planning and reporting to the specific needs of the customer.  

These are the top reasons our clients have outsourced projects to Quay Asia:  

  • Access to world-class software engineering skills based in Bangladesh 
  • Significant project development cost advantages 
  • Lower maintenance and support costs  
  • Sharing the risks involved in development 

Our clients 

  1. Directorate of Labour, Ministry of Labour and Employment 
  1. Cabinet Division Bangladesh 
  1. AROYEE, Dhaka, Bangladesh.